Tips on Setting Up a General Knowledge Quiz

General knowledge quizzes are one of the most important parts of a pub quiz often being three rounds of the overall thing. They can be set general knowledge in a spectrum of subjects, area or even a specific object, person or Film. Often mistakes are made by putting too many specialist subjects into the quizzes making them difficult for the majority of the event goers and putting them off. Here are tips on how to avoid common mistakes that will help you time and time again to set up your general knowledge quizzes latest hp govt jobs

1 Work out how many questions, rounds there are going to be in your general knowledge quizzes. Each Round will take about 10 minutes. If you’re only doing general knowledge for the entire quiz then keep it at about 50 questions maximum. You can always add a handout round for them to puzzle over as the questions are being read out.

2 Work out the subject(s) and how many of them there will be. Standard general knowledge can include questions on Art, literature, music, science, geography, TV, film, nature and so on. Some more specialist rounds such as a film general knowledge quiz would be geared around characters, places, animals, posters on walls all relevant to that topic.

3 Once you’ve worked out the subjects firstly divide the total amount of questions for the quiz by the amount of rounds you want in the Quiz. This will now give you the chance to see where you will want to put breaks for marking and how you will choose the Quiz questions subjects.

4 Now go searching for potential questions in websites, dictionaries, encyclopedias, annuals and so forth. Most of these sources have websites. If it is a general knowledge quiz on Harry Potter for example there is a masses of web sites out there on the stories and films. Make sure you are confident in the question and answers. But also make sure that you do not ask your contestants to answer lots of questions on a subject they are unlikely to know about as this will lose their interest.

5 Pick questions of different complexity and make sure they are not too difficult or easy otherwise people will get bored, disruptive and generally the quiz can become chaos. Simple thing here is to go for easy, medium and difficult complexities and circle through them. So in your general knowledge quiz you have 6 questions of a given topic you should have 2 easy, 2 medium and 2 hard answers.

6 Verify your questions and answers every time. Make sure once you have your question that you check the answers. This sounds obvious but many fail by not verifying their quiz questions and answers relying on the first source they come to. Relying upon one source unless you are 100% confident in the answer is bad practice make sure you check your answer each and every time.