How To Catch Rainbow Trout Virtually Every Time You Go Fishing

If you are a trout fisherman, what is the one thing that you want to do more than any other? Catch trout, right? Well, in this article I will draw upon 50 years of combined trout fishing experience, and outline a few “secrets” that will enable you to catch trout virtually every time that you go fishing. These tips and tricks have been learned in two ways. First some of them were learned from a man who has since passed away, but was the best trout fisherman that I’ve ever known. Second, from my own experience spin fishing for trout for the last twenty five or so years.

In any case, all of these secrets are extremely simple and effective and will help you learn how to catch rainbow trout virtually any time that you go fishing. The first secret is to be on the water when the trout are the most active. This is because when the trout are active they are more likely to be feeding, and doesn’t it stand to reason that if the trout are actively feeding you will be more likely to catch them? Of course it does.

While there are many reasons why a fish may or may not be feeding, one of the simplest reasons to pay attention to has to do with the moon. Both the moon rise and set as well as what phase that the moon is in both play huge roles in whether or not the trout are going to be active. So the first thing that you need to do a simple internet search to determine the time of the day for the moon rise and set for the day you are planning on going trout fishing. Then you want to try to coordinate your trout fishing trips within the four day window that surrounds either the new or full phase of the moon. When you can be on the water fishing for trout when both of these factors are in your favor you will be able to catch trout virtually anytime that you go fishing. Raibow trout

The second secret is to utilize live worms by “drift fishing” with them in rivers that contain rainbow trout. Drift fishing is a technique whereby you allow a live worm to “drift” naturally with the current of the river that you are fishing. Rainbow trout have a very difficult time resisting a live worm that is drifting by them in the current of a river. “Drift fishing” with a live worm as bait is another factor that will help you to catch rainbow trout virtually anytime that you head out onto the water.

Which brings us to the final key, which has to do with you the angler. Rainbow trout, especially when you are dealing with ‘native’ trout rather than trout that have been ‘stocked’, have very keen senses and are very aware of their surroundings. This means that when we are fishing for rainbow trout you want to make yourself as “invisible” as possible. This means that you don’t want to wear loud colors or make a lot of noise in and around the water (especially if you are wading) and whenever you “bait up” (which means anytime that you touch your bait or trout lure) you want to make sure that your hands are free from any “human” scents. Why do you want to do this? Because if rainbow trout detect any “human” scents on the bait or lure they are thinking about eating, they are much less apt to try to eat whatever it is. An easy way to make sure that your hands are free from these types of scents is to grab a handful of grass or gravel before touching your bait and rub it into your hands. This effectively “washes” you hands of any human/unnatural scents.